Health and Safety At Home

Hidden Compartment Furniture

Sometimes the best way to hide valuables is right in plain site. Thieves never look inside hidden compartment furniture when they are in a hurry. Usually the first place burglars look for is a hidden safe on a wall behind a painting.

Also called storm doors in many countries, security doors plays a crucial role in securing your home, office or business. You can get a custom security door according to your taste.

It is really important that you have 1 fitted in your home, office or business premise especially if you are a target for intruders. They won’t bother to try and get into your house if you have good-quality security doors and windows in place. 

Some custom security doors not only offer protection but look beautiful.

Features to look for when ordering Custom Security Doors

There are some features that a custom security doors should have. These key features will make your security doors a solid barriers against intruders. 

Home intruders are shameless. They will enter your home or business premise through the front door and take away your priced possessions in less than 10 minutes. 

You can upgrade your home security by installing a security door with these important features;


Your custom security door should be made with sturdy and firm materials such as Steel and Aluminum. Doors built from any material will be no use at all. Stainless steel and Aluminum are durable metals and do not rust easily.

They will give the needed strength.

Locking Features

The best custom security doors will be useless if they don’t have a good lock in place. A good lock will create an effective barrier to keep intruders out of your business premise and house.

You can have a 3 point lock system installed, smart locks or deadbolts. Smart lock will only allow people with the electronic key to enter your premise. They are popular with many people since they trigger an alarm if struck during a robbery.

Deadbolts also make a good choice of locks since they prevent the bolt from being retracted by force.


Security doors can be fully customized to your style, size and finish preference leaving them looking beautiful.  You do not want your home looking like the entrance of a prison. Order a custom security door that will complement the beauty of your home. 

Other security features you can add 

Door viewers

This is a small fish eye lens. It is an extremely important feature that will let the occupants of a house view the people outside before letting them in. 


Clear any shrubs, tall grass and flowers that a burglar can use to hide near the doorway. 

Doors Chains

This is a crucial feature that will allow you to open the door slightly while still locked to confirm the person outside. 

Internal Locks

You can request for internal locks such as hooks, specialty latches and bar mounted internally. 

Our Custom Security doors

If you are considering to order a high quality custom security door for your home or business, you can get one from us. Our doors don’t just protect your family, they do it discreetly.

From outside they will just look like normal doors but from inside they have been reinforced to offer maximum security. We beautifully design them and we can replicate historical architecture. 

We employ only highly skilled crafts men.

The benefits of installing custom Security Doors

-They are burglar resistant

-They are weather resistant

-They are fire resistant

-They are built to fit because they are tailor-made for your home

-They are beautiful. Apart from their functionality, they contribute to décor of your homes.

-They add value to your property. Everybody wants to own a home with good security and may reduce your insurance rates if you can prove you have security additions to make your home secure.