Everyone encounters financial problems in life, a short term loan may be just the answer when you cant go to the banks because your credit is not good. You can usually get a loan online. its a better option than dealing with those problems by turning to various mood-altering substances, like alcohol and drugs. While it might seem that the difficulties of life would become easier to handle once you achieve a level of fame and fortune, that’s not the case. Many celebrities fall into a spiral of dependency on substances to help them cope.

Eventually, many of those celebrities decide to reclaim their life and spend some time in a rehab facility to detox their systems.

Detox for The Famous

While many rehabilitation facilities exist, some cater specifically to the needs of celebrities. For instance, they may offer a higher level of security and privacy that might be necessary for other facilities. These centers and the expertise of their staff usually come with a high price tag, sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Celebrities That Have Chosen Rehab

The list of stars that have decided to enter rehab is longer than some people realize. While some famous names are associated with rehab, there is almost always at least one name that surprises many.

There are some whose journey from addiction to recovery is well-known. Robert Downey Jr. and Charlie Sheen for instance, but there are others whose stories are lesser-known.

For example, Zac Efron of High School Musical fame entered rehab years ago. He checked into a couples drug rehab facility with his wife to get treatment and fix their relationship.They also completed oxycontin detox program in 2013. The media never found out, at least until Efron decided to talk publicly about his addiction and recovery in the hopes that his experience might help others.


Country music superstar Trace Adkins has been very public with his battle against alcoholism. Luckily, he seems to have conquered his problem with a stint in rehab. Addiction, however, is a never-ending battle, and not a struggle that is ever entirely “won.”

Another celebrity that surprises some when their name appears on a list of those that have spent time in a rehabilitation facility is Ben Affleck. The Oscar-winner checked himself into a treatment center in Malibu in 2001 for problems with addiction to both alcohol and drugs.

The public meltdown Britney Spears suffered midway through the early 2000s is known by almost everyone. What many don’t realize is that she also checked herself into the same detox facility in 2007 as Affleck had six years earlier.

Matthew Perry, best known as the character Chandler on the television show Friends, eventually wound up receiving national attention due to his public confession about his battle with addiction to both alcohol and prescription drugs.

Not every celebrity with an addiction ends up in rehab, though. Lady Gaga is another music star who has fought addiction, in her case to marijuana. She admitted to smoking 15 to 20 every day at one point. Tim McGraw decided in 2012 to stop drinking whiskey. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has said she was once so addicted to prescription pain pills that she resorted to stealing, and from a relative no less, to keep her hands on the drugs. We heard about Jesy Nelson Plastic surgery video showing some really vivid scenes.

The Down Side of Detox

Some see detox at a rehabilitation facility as a final step, but, it’s the first step on the lifelong road to recovery from addiction. As a result, it’s not a guarantee that anyone will conquer their problems, not even celebrities.

There is no “magic bullet” on the road to recovery from an addiction except one; the most significant step any addict can take is to finally realize and admit to themselves that they have a problem, and fame doesn’t change that.