Jesy Nelson Plastic Surgery


Eight years ago, Little Mix, a girl band, won X Factor, an incredible talent show, which attracts the likes of different types of people. Since that time of that story, the pop band continues to be an immense success in the music field, as they can fill out venues while producing several popular hits. For instance, the single ‘Woman Like Me,’ received a nomination for the best song, in the Brit Awards.

During the same period, one of the band mates, Jesy Nelson, has undergone significant transformation, a story everyone needs to know. She no longer looks like the teenager everyone remembers from the talent show. Gone are the days when she wore baby pink as her lipstick while combining it with bright eyeshadows.

These days, she chooses to wear lashings from the 90s, along with matte lipsticks, which only adds to her style.

plastic surgery of jesy nelson


Incredible change from jesy nelson the pop star

However, the biggest transformation is Jesy Nelson’s plastic surgery, which adds to her popstar aura. She doesn’t mind wearing revealing outfits, as she feels very comfortable with the way she looks. By combining push-up bras with high-legged bodysuits, she gives the audience an idea of her toned figure. Since the plastic surgery, the pop star loves to wear outfits which continue to showcase her curves.

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When looking at her recent pics and videos, it is noticeable that her lips are plumper than before. At the same time, her cheekbones and jawline have a better definition, which only improves her looks.

Jesy Nelson is well-known for visiting Dr Esho, a celebrity surgeon, which explains her sudden transition. Experts believe that the pop star got fillers, to improve her features. The advantage of these types of treatment is that you don’t have to go under the knife.

You can visit a cosmetic surgeon, and go back home after receiving a filler from the medical practitioner. With little to no downtime, it isn’t much of a surprise that these types of treatment are popular. Just imagine, you walk into a clinic, and within half an hour or more, you can go back to work or home.

The best part about Jesy Nelson’s plastic surgery is that her medical practitioner took great care to ensure the changes look as natural as possible. In other words, her lips align with the rest of her facial features, which is great for the pop star.

One way to achieve these gorgeous looks is to receive multiple filler treatments over time. However, if the medical practitioner uses huge amounts CBD Oil for insomnia of the filler substance in one go, it tends to look artificial.


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At the same time, the pop star received similar treatments for her cheeks. In this case, the medical practitioner will use dermal fillers, which come with minimal side effects. The advantage is that it adds definition to the cheekbone, which only improves her beautiful facial features.

While it is possible to achieve these aesthetics with weight loss, only fillers are known to add this much detail in the cheekbone.

Haters continue to attack jesy nelson

Although the story of Jesy Nelson’s surgery is great for the pop star’s confidence, she received flak for her transformation. Even though several haters criticized Jesy Nelson for her looks, she remains unfazed.

Her band released a new song known as ‘Strip’ which talks about all the problems women have to face regularly. They also posted a pic on Instagram, with all the insults they received for several years.

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The band used this social media platform to show the world that body shaming is not good for women, as it hurts their confidence.