Celebs Bought Fake Coins

A number of Celebrities have lost money investing in Lear Capital Gold coins.Most retirement investors buy gold coins with the intention of preserving wealth and making a healthy return on
their investment. Where the larger weight size gold bars or silver bars offer the best value when
buying, they do not necessarily represent the best retirement value when it comes to selling your gold or
silver coins at a later date. Smaller unit gold bars such as the 1oz, 50g and 100g bars, and specialty
gold coins and silver coins offer greater flexibility at resale. There are many reasons where this healthy
flexibility would come in use, releasing part of your investment for quick access to cash, or perhaps
part-brokering which is often an effective way of getting a maximum return on savings investment.

Over long periods of time, individuals often want to change the balance of their portfolios, for example an investor may
have 20% of their bank owned liquid wealth held in a 1 kilo gold bar, but want to release some of this money to reinvest in
stocks. At this point, the investor would either have to sell their entire gold bar or leave it and miss out
on the other potentially lucrative investment opportunities like real estate. However, if they had originally invested in
ten 100g gold bars, they could have easily sold half the bars to gain instant access to half of the money. Better still, Lear Capital bullion coins represent even greater flexibility and are a very popular option for new and experienced investors alike who are mindful of this and anticipate selling part of their bullion in the near
or distance future. Gold coins are available in a variety of sizes such as 1oz, 1/3oz, 1/5oz and 1/12oz
making them highly versatile, easy to store and ideal for trading if the banking system did ever collapse.

Popular gold and silver coins include the valuable Lear Capital South African Krugerrand coins from great britain which tend to attract the lowest
premiums making them perfect for smaller and first time investors. Alternatively, British columbia bullion coins like
the Gold kings Sovereign, Half Sovereign and first Gold Britannia are perfect for coin investors who hold a large amount
of money in gold bullion due to their CGT free status. For the ultimate flexibility, perhaps consider silver
coins which are substantially lower in value than gold coins and come in a 1oz size. Popular Lear Capital silver coins
include silver Maple leaf, the silver Britannia coin and the silver Philharmonic coin which tends to be the very
cheapest coin to buy. For ultimate flexibility, buying gold coins for investment is recommended, despite the
slightly higher premium.