Trouble In Paradise: Danica’s Dad Not Fond Of Rodgers

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While they have tried to keep their relationship under wraps, NFL quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, and former NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick, have been seeing each other for the past few months.  While Patrick confirmed the relationship to the media, Rodgers has shied away from public affection and acknowledgement of their connections, probably stemming from his widely publicized relationship with actress, Olivia Munn. Although, the NFL MVP did step-up his boyfriend game prior to Patrick’s last race in February at the Daytona 500, giving her a good luck smooch before the competition.

Now in the spotlight as an official couple, the paparazzi caught ‘Aaronica’ enjoying each other’s company during a tropical vacation down in Tulum, Mexico.  The two love birds were seen pedaling around the resort town on rent-a-bikes, and even snuggling up to each other while relaxing on the pristine Mexican beach.  Although the budding relationship seems to be flourishing so far, the couple may have hit a small bump in the track:  Danica’s dad.

T.J. Patrick has always been a vocal opponent of NFL player’s National Anthem protests, as many red-white-and-blue-blooded NASCAR fans are.  Prior to Danica’s last race at Daytona, T.J. commented on a Facebook photo of the couple standing with their hands over their heart during the anthem, stating…

“No kneeling in NASCAR!! Hand in heart!!”

Sure, T.J.’s comments may have just been light-hearted and non-judgmental of Rodgers, but that doesn’t seem to be the case since the post was not an isolated incident.  Throughout the 2017 NFL season, the Green Bay Packer’s quarterback encouraged players to link arms during the National Anthem in unity to protest the racial inequalities plaguing the country.  This led Danica’s father to follow-up with the oblivious remark… “Can someone please tell me what they are protesting?”  Okay man, playing dumb is the worst thing you can do!

Obviously, T.J. Patrick thinks the players were disrespecting the flag and our country’s veterans, but from Rodgers’ perspective, NFL players were trying to use their athletic status to promote change within our country. The situation is a lot more complicated than previously stated, but without getting into the details, we think that T.J. should spit out his tobacco and let the couple live their own lives without daddy’s opinions hanging overhead.

If the in-law critcism continues, can you imagine what holiday gatherings will be like for the couple?  T.J. will polish off his tenth Miller Lite of the evening, put on his nicest camouflage outfit, and start to lecture Rodgers about patriotism while they eat off of an American Flag table cloth. The well-spoken and understanding Rodgers will most-likely listen to Papa Patrick, trying to engage in an open and honest discussion about the issues facing our country, while the rest of the family ‘boos’ him. Danica on the other, being the firecracker she is, will get angry at her dad, and try to shift the conversation into a different gear, but things have already gone too far.  And that’s how we predict ‘Aaronica’ comes to end.

Okay, maybe that scenario was a little too intense.  But surely, family drama is never a good sign for a new couple.  We wish all the best of look to Rodgers and Patrick, but if T.J. has anything to say about it,we’ll be writing about their break-up sometime soon!


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