Netflix and Chill: Obama May Be Getting Own Show


Every Millenial’s dream might come true:  Barry and Michelle Obama may be getting their own television show.  According to the New York Times, the power couple are in “advanced negotiations” with Netflix to star in, and produce a series.  Some ideas for the show have been rumored to be inspirational stories of people across the world, or even public discussion featuring normal people that the Obama’s moderate. Both the first family and network view this as an opportunity for them to stay engaged with the public, discussing the hard-hitting policies that are ignored in typical news shows.

The 44th president has been no stranger to the television screen, as he’s entertained audiences across the USA during, and after his legacy.   From reading mean tweets with Jimmy Kimmel to slow jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon to embracing the awkwardness in Funny or Die’s interview show Between Two Ferns; Obama is a true entertainer.

Most recently, he appeared on the new Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman as the inaugural guest.  Barry dove into some of today’s hot topics, while enthralling audiences with his grace and wisdom.  Clearly, this was a trial run for the now proposed deal.

It’s not only the former Commander-in-chief that has been in the spotlight recently. Even Michelle has been busy in the post-White House life, writing her memoir Becoming, which is set to release later in 2018. The deal reportedly brought the Obama’s $65-million with Penguin House Publishing and will include future books.  So Netflix, knowing the Obama’s lofty price, what’s your offer?

It’s unclear what the streaming service has offered America’s favorite couple, since the duration and amount of episodes has not yet been negotiated. But, past deals with the network have been known to reach nine-digits.  The publication Newsweekhas even speculated that the deal could be worth $500-million dollars!  Wow, I think it’s time we pitch a few ideas to Netflix to join-in on that giant payday!

No seriously Netflix, we are going to pitch you a few title names for the Obama’s new show right now.  Perhaps ‘Family First with the First Family’ might work.  Or maybe even a slight political play on words with ‘Future Precedence.’  But the best idea so far has to be ‘Yes You Can,’ paying homage to Barack’s campaign slogan.  We assume you will take these ideas into consideration over the coming months.  If for some one-in-a-million chance you use these titles, we want some royalties!  Okay, maybe that’s not how it works, but we can dream.  Actually – add ‘We Can Dream’ to the pitch list!

Finally after ranting on about titles, on a more serious note, this deal would be a major step in the news industry as a whole.  With  Netflix’s nearly-120-million subscribes around the globe, this direct-to-consumer show featuring a former president and first lady could change the fabric of media as we know it.  We’ll have to wait for more details, but for now, let’s hope Barack and Michelle come out of retirement and onto our television screens!




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