Looking Back At Fergie’s National Anthem Disaster


Unless you live under a rock, you’ve been graced with the jazzy, elongated rendition of Fergie’s national anthem from the 2018 NBA All-Star Game in Boston.  It’s time to rewind the clock, taking a closer look at the Fergalicious trainwreck that has left us with years and years of Twitter reaction gifs and hilarious banter.

We’ll set the stage for you.  The lights are focused on mid-court, while the unenthusiastic announcers lists off the eight-time Grammy Award Winner’s accolades, culminating in a mild applause from the crowd.  Dressed in a shoulderless black gown, Fergie struts towards the microphone stand, overly swaying her hips from side-to-side Thus indicating to the audience with her body language that they should buckle the hell up for this bumpy ride.

Accompanied by an off-beat snare drum and bass-line from the piano, the Black-Eyed Peas member started her lounge rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.  At first, the audience was intrigued.  Their faces seemed to be unaffected by the whiny cocktail-hour version of our country’s anthem. But, that didn’t last for too long.

The camera panned over to Golden State Warrior point guard, Steph Curry, as he gazed at the jumbotron, questioning what the hell was going on.  His teammate, Klay Thompson, kept his head down, avoiding the cameras.  LeBron held his emotions in check, but you could see a slight smirk, as if he was about to pour out with laughter.

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Then, Fergie continuted on with the verse, “And the rockets red glare…”, botching the delivery, screaming into the mic, and being more pitchy than a drunk chick at karaoke.  And believe it or not, things kept getting worse.

As she entered the final verse, she started out yelling, “O say, does that Star-spangled…” but then, Fergie switched to ultra-elongation mode, sort of transforming her voice into baby-talk.  She managed to squeak out the lines ‘Bayannerer yeyet wayave.’  That’s when the camera crew panned over to Draymond Green, as he swayed back and forth, mouth agape at the performance.  But, he couldn’t hold in the embarrassed laughter any more, and erupted in the giggles on live television. Even the crowd seemed to be laughing at the G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S Star as she took a lengthy pause.

The production crew moved on to a close up of late night host, Jimmy Kimmel, as he tried to keep his composure.  Kimmel’s eyes told a different story, saying ‘ get this damn camera off of me before I erupt in laughter.’

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Finally, the disastrous anthem came to a close, with Fergie, throwing in a few extra letters, syllables and octaves to the word ‘brave.’ As she stretched out the off-key ending, she brought her arms in an arc above her head, ending with a double fist clench to really seal in the stench of the last note.

She quickly shouted, “Let’s play some basketball!” with the confidence of someone who just nailed their performance.  As we know know, the amateur-hour rendition of the National Anthem was not accepted well by viewers, and Fergie has since come out an apologized.  But, we though you would like to relive the catastrophic performance just one more time!


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