Is The Biebs Ready To Tie The Knot With Selena?


One of the most popular celebrity couples of recent years, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s relationship has been a roller-coaster of love.  From two young pop stars, gravitating to each other while trying to cope with their hectic schedules and celebrity status, to slowly maturing adults expressing there true feelings for one another, the ‘Jelena’ saga has been nothing but thrilling to watch.  Now, seven years down the road, is it finally time for Bieber to serenade Selena on one knee, popping the big question: “Will you marry me?”

As much as people over-read into their relationship, we think the simple answer is, yes!  Recently, the two pop stars were spotted in Jamaica to celebrate the nuptials of Bieber’s father,  Jeremy, and his new wife, Chelsey Rebelo.  It seems as if the love bug was spreading quickly in Montego Bay, as Selena was cuddling up to Justin, expressing their love for each other out in the open, whether there were cameras around or not. It seems like the photographers caught some truly genuine moments between the couple, as opposed to the misrepresented pictures from the streets of LA.

Since they arrived at the Caribbean island, Justin and Selena were attached at the hip. They use the destination wedding as an opportunity to unwind and take a break from the world, focusing on each other.  Still, many of us have had our fair share of vacation romances. You are in an exotic land, completely enthralled with your beautiful partner, while the burning desire of affection melts the turmoils of reality. Just two people, detached from society, yet never feeling more connected.  But, when it’s time to board the plane and return to the redundancy of your unrecognizable life, that appetite for passion is spoiled by the struggles of the real world. Okay, maybe that was a little too deep, but the real question is:  Will Justin and Selena’s paradise romance transfer back to the states?

Actually, we think it will! The idea of marriage has even been posed to Bieber by a TMZ cameraman back in December 2017. The Biebs’ subtly smirked back at the paparazzo, blushing like he had something already in the works.

But, the storybook proposal might not go down as planned, as rumors have been flying that Selena may be expecting.  Originally reported by the ‘Down-Under’ gossip column, NW, an insider has told them that Selena informed Bieber of the pregnancy while they were in Jamaica.  She dodged reportes as they berated her with questions about the alleged rumor and her relationship with Justin.

I guess it all makes sense now!  Selena has always expressed a desire to become a mother, and Justin is starting to tame his wild ways, settling back down with her.  Their flirtatious excitement from Jamaica may have been pregnancy bliss, not just a tropical romance.  Maybe the highly sought-after celebrity wedding will happen sooner than we think!  We just hope Mr. Gomez doesn’t bring a shotgun!


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