American Idol is Back! And Still Nobody Cares


That’s right everybody!  “American Idol” is back for another it’s umpeenth season after a much needed two-year hiatus.  The show is like your significant other that you keep hating more and more over time, and eventually have to let him/her go for your own sanity.  Well, they’re still in love with you, hanging out your bedroom window, blasting Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes, hoping you take them back.

No longer on FOX, the ABC version of the show features a new look, new judges, new contestants, and the same old Ryan Seacrest.  The singing competition has provided audiences with some of the best entertainment that TV had to offer over the last sixteen years:  William Hung, the cringe-worthy From Kelly To Justin, and Paula Abdul’s love for sleeping with contestants.

With the pool of singing contestants rising somehow and talent competitions airing daily, producers at FremantleMedia wanted to set themselves apart.  No longer are untalented judges like Randy “Yo’ Dawg” Jackson and Simon “D-Bag” Cowell going to be slinging insults and feel-good stories.  The producers have said that they want judges with “credibility” and one’s who were “successes.” So…you mean like The Voice?

Either way, the show brought in new judges to hopefully boost the ratings. You have an always-talented singer in Lionel Richie who has sold-out, a pop artist who’s composed of 98% boobs and air in Katy Perry, and a pandering country music artist that doesn’t know how to drive a stick-shift in Luke Bryan.  This should be interesting!

With a new network, new judges, and new look, the one thing that remains is host Ryan Seacrest.  The Hollywood reporter is synonymous with “Ameircan Idol”, and more recently, is synonymous with the ‘Me Too’ movement. He was accused of sexual harassment by his former stylist, Suzie Hardy.  The Seacrest camp has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, and the entertainment world is torn over the recent allegations.  On one hand, the movement is meant to empower women, giving voice to the quiet.  Yet on the other, Seacrest is known around LA as a stand-up guy, with several celebrities, including his co-host, Kelly Rippa, running to his defense.

Rippa co-hosts the ABC daytime talk-show, Live!, and stood-up for him amid the sexual harassment accusations.  She said early this month that it was a ‘privilege’ to work with Seacrest, and that he would be great at the Oscars, as he is always a staple on the red carpet.

Speaking of the Oscars, Seacrest did show-up to host his annual pre-Award show event with E!, sparking criticism throughout the media.  The night went off as planned – some celebrities stopped over to say hi while some walked right on by – just another dramatic build-up for nothing!

Wow!  We were just going to talk about the new show at first, but hey, as the twist and turns of entertainment, so do our stories.  If you feel the need to tune into “American Idol” in between feeding your 48 cats and being unproductive, just flip the channel over to ABC!


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