A Brief History Of Bieber’s Bad Driving


The Biebs has not had good luck when it comes to driving around town.  Recently, the 24-year-old pop star was rear-ended in West Hollywood, causing minor damage to both vehicles.  While all parties involved in the accident were unharmed, the fender-bender has prompted us to take a step back in time, diving into Bieber’s history of bad luck, and bad driving!

Bieber Bangs Up His Ferrari

In the summer of 2011, Bieber’s Ferrari was love-tapped by a Honda in LA according to TMZ.  Although the drivers never exchanged information, one of the popstar’s posse members recommended calling the po-po, just in case.

The LAPD showed up to the scene, but there wasn’t enough damage to fill out a police report.  Although the incident turned out to be nothing at all, it set the tone for Bieber’s infamous career as a crappy driver.

Two Paparazzi Crash Chasing Bieber

In 2012, Justin was pulled over by a police officer for “tinted windows,” but in reality, the officer noticed that he was being followed a little too closely by a Nissan.  Although the chase car was just his security detail, the traffic stop prompted the ever-present paparazzi to chase down Bieber through the streets of LA.  A high speed chase ensued, which ended in two shutterbugs crashing.

Paparazzo Dies Trying To Snap The Biebs

A 29-year-old man was struck and killed by oncoming traffic as he tried to snap a picture of the singer in his white Ferrari back in January 2013.  Bieber was not at fault, but it’s still a truly tragic incident.

Pedestrian Sues Bieber Claiming He Hit Him

In 2014, Walter Damon Lee sued the Biebs, alleging that he hit him after leaving the Laugh Factory in LA in June 2013. The evidence suggested that both parties were at fault, prompting Bieber’s lawyers to settle out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Bieber Arrested For DUI

In January 2014, the popstar was pulled over in Miami after he had been caught trying to race a fellow Lambo. After being pulled-over for drag-racing, Bieber was booked for DUI, resisting arrest, and careless driving.  According to the police report, the singer was clocked at speeds upwards of 60 MPH in a 30 MPH zone.

Instead of facing trial, Bieber plead guilty to the charges, making a $50,000 donation to youth charity.

Another Paparazzo Down

The singer accidentally clipped a photographer in Beverly Hills in July 2017.  Leaving a church service at Saban Theatre, Bieber hit the paparazzo, with TMZeven posting a video from the ‘moment of impact.’

The 57-year-old was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and Bieber was not charged with any reckless driving.

Recent West Hollywood Collision

Finally, Bieber’s Mercedes G-Class was rear-ended in West Hollywood by a Range Rover in March 2018. The two drivers exchanged insurance info, but there was no police investigation performed.  Neither party was injured during the accident

Okay, so we may have missed a few incidents hear and there, but come on, Justin’s driving record is ridiculous!  Maybe it’s just bad luck, but it seems in the short time he’s been behind the wheel that accidents follow him around!

Justin Bieber takes his new ‘fling’ to Church Service in Beverly Hills
Featuring: Justin Bieber, Paola Paulin
Where: Beverly Hills, California, United States
When: 05 Oct 2017
Credit: WENN.com


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