5 Moments That Prove Mariah Carey Is ‘Queen Of The Divas’


Ah, Mariah Carey!  The talented singer has spent nearly three decades in the spotlight serenading audiences with her angelic voice and diva-like attitude.  Selling over 200-million records worldwide, Carey is one of the top artists of all-time.  Yet, with so many sycophants and psycho fans worshiping her every-step, her status as Queen of R&B has slowly gotten stuck in her head more than her song “All I Want For Christmas is You” get’s stuck in yours every holiday season.  Let’s breakdown five of Carey’s most diva-like moments from her stellar career – and trust us, they are crazy!

Walking Isn’t For Divas

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Who needs to walk when you can have your assistant wheel you around?  Carey looks utterly ridiculous in this custom-made contraption.  She’s like the people at the grocery store that use those electronic carts even though there is nothing wrong with them.  Whether it’s just sheer laziness, or her self-indulgence, Carey’s throne of wheels definitely proves that she is the Queen.

Mariah Plays Dumb About J.Lo

From one diva to another, Carey wants to be top bitch of the music industry.  She constantly plays dumb when asked if she knows Jennifer Lopez, even though J.Lo claims they know each other.  Continuing by saying that she’s “very forgetful,” Carey’s attitude towards her fellow artist comes off as shear arrogance and jealousy.  On the other hand, Mariah could be telling the truth as she probably is constantly only thinking of herself!

Must Find The Best Angles

As a former host on “American Idol”, Carey’s divaness was seen by millions of viewers every week.  In this moment, she can be seen doing the famous ‘Insta-chick’ dance – shimmying and twisting to find the best angle for the camera.  You can see her peering at the live feed, trying to awkwardly adjust her curves into the right light.  We are surprised that she didn’t complain about being on the edge of the shot!

Carey Only Wants To Hear Her Own Music!

This one is a doozy.  According to Page Six, Carey was set to dine at a restaurant in Capris, Italy.  Patrons at the establishment were enjoying a quiet evening when all of the sudden, the speaker’s boomed a Mariah Carey song, and the diva waltzed in!  Are you kidding me?  Carey has her own entrance music; but that’s not all!

The rest of the evening, the restaurant tortured their guests with an onslaught of Mariah Carey’s hits, from upbeat pop songs to R&B Ballads.  We like to think they capped off the playlist with Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain,” but Carey probably would have left since she wasn’t the one who sang it!

MTV Cribs To The Extreme

Finally, the most diva moment from Carey came from her 2002 “MTV Cribs” episode.  Inside her towering penthouse in Manhattan, viewers got to see what it’s like to live in luxury.  From training on her treadmill in stilettos, to taking a rose-pedal bath in her gold-plated bathroom, Carey’s exorbitant life is truly that of a diva!

It seems that Mariah lives in a delusional world where birds sing her name and fans kiss her ass, proving that she truly is:  Queen of the Divas!


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