Kylie’s Ex, Tyga, Finally Opens Up About Her New Baby


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It’s that time of day when we dive into the lives of the rich and famous, pretending we are part of American royalty by keeping up with the Kardashians.  The over-exploited clan of hot chicks who get millions of dollars for doing nothing had a recent addition to their family.  Kylie Jenner welcomed a little baby girl, Stormi Webster, into the world back on February 4th with her rapper boyfriend Travis Scott, by her side. After the grueling pains of labor were probably numbed away by the best drugs money can buy, the happy couple opened up about the birth, calling  it simply ‘beautiful.’  Jenner took to Instagram to post the first public pictures of Stormi, while still somehow managing to find time for a manicure!

stormi webster 👼🏽

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Ah, what an amazing love story!  Two loving millionaires coming together to share the miracle of life is something we can all relate to!  Of course, we can’t empathize with this celeb couple at all, but not everything was butterflies and rainbows during the ordeal.  That’s where Kylie’s ex-boy toy, fellow rapper, Tyga, comes in!

Since Tyga and Kylie were still seen together around the time that Kylie would have been knocked up, rumors swirled around the media that is was Tyga, not Travis Scott, that was indeed the seed that impregnated American royalty.  According to sources from Radar Online, Kylie’s Ex even demanded a DNA test to prove that he was the father of little Stormy.  Oh man! Someone microwave some popcorn, because this episode of Maury is going to be off the hook!

Of course, as most of our readers know, Tyga already has one kid that briefly shined in the Kardashian spotlight.  Five years ago, he fathered a child with model, Blac Chyna, who then went on to date ‘Fat Rob’ until recently, when the couple broke-up after a well-documented dysfunctional relationship.  Rob didn’t take to kindly to the split, suing Blac Chyna in September 2017 for supposedly attempting to strangle him with an iPhone charger.  Let’s be real Rob. She wouldn’t have been able to wrap a normal-length Apple cord around your meaty neck.  Chyna must have broke out the six-foot knockoff Lightning Cable from Amazon to choke him out!

Tyga’s alleged paternity test probably won’t be happening anytime soon though.  In a recent interview with Marie Clarie, he open-up about his past relationship with Kylie.

“You just get older, you get me? It was a relationship in front of the world, and that was it. She has her new life, I have my new life and that’s it. There’s no bad blood, no problems.” He said that they keep in touch though only here and there.”

You know what?  Good for Tyga, letting bygones be bygones.  The rapper seems to be at peace with Scott and Jenner, leading us to believe that everything is right in the world.  Well, that is until the next Kardashian pops out a kid, leaving us with another nine months of ‘baby daddy’ questions!


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