Celebrity Alcoholics: Which Stars Have Beat Their Demons?


Celebrities have issues with stress and abusing substances just like the rest of us. Many stars have turned to alcohol for relief from the pressures of fame. It certainly doesn’t make things any easier when they have a family history of alcoholism.

Let’s take a look at some celebrity alcoholics, some of which have remained sober for many years.

Samuel L. Jackson

Image: wenn.com
Image: wenn.com

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has a family history of alcoholism, losing his father to alcohol abuse. Samuel went on to struggle with his own addictions.

Jackson’s first movie was the 1972’s independent film “Together for Days.” Shortly afterwards, he moved to New York to do stage plays for the next decade. It was during this time that he had issues not only with drinking, but also cocaine. He soon found himself performing drunk without people noticing. However, he later had to be replaced by other actors in two plays that moved on to Broadway.

The hit to his career did not lead to him making any positive changes. He only checked into a treatment center after his wife and daughter discovered him high on cocaine and on the kitchen floor. Jackson checked himself into rehab and has maintained his sobriety for over than 20 years.

Anthony Hopkins

Image: wenn.com
Image: wenn.com

“Silence of the Lambs” star Anthony Hopkins, who played the role of the Hannibal Lecter, struggled with drinking early in his career.

Anthony’s drinking problems started in his early 20’s and he not only walked out of a “Macbeth” performance, but also on his wife Petronella and their little daughter Abigail in the 1970s.

He found recognition when he landed a role on the BBC drama, “War & Peace”, and became a household name years later, but his drinking became worse as he had a rough time dealing with fame. His second wife, Jenni, left him and told him he needed to seek help.

He woke up in a Phoenix hotel room and had no clue how he got there. A few days later he completely blacked out at a a party. An agent in Hollywood worried Anthony’s talent was going to waste and handed him a card for Alcoholics Anonymous. Hopkins called on December 29, 1975 and that was the last drink he had.

It’s great to hear these success stories where such a talent beat his demons!

Mel Gibson

Image: wenn.com
Image: wenn.com

Mel Gibson’s alcoholism really became noticeable after his drunk driving arrest and use of anti-semitic remarks. Gibson was also caught on audio tape verbally abusing and threatening his baby-mama. The actor had reportedly been dealing with mental illness and alcoholism his entire life. He received treatment to fight his addiction and has not made negative headlines in quite some time now!

Robert Downey, Jr.

Image: wenn.com
Image: wenn.com

Robert Downey Jr. became known as the biggest party guy of the brat pack in the 90s. His father, filmmaker Robert Downey Sr., was also an addict and let his son smoke weed at the age of 6. Drugs and alcohol became some strange bond between the father and son.

Downey Jr. was so intoxicated one time that he could not find his way home and ended up in his neighbor’s home and fell asleep in the child’s bed.

These days Robert has an awesome movie career and is a respected actor. He credits his wife Susan Downey for helping him get his life together.

Melanie Griffith

Image: wenn.com
Image: wenn.com

Melanie Griffith began drinking and doing drugs as a teenager and her addiction spanned three decades. The “Working Girl” star was in rehab more than a few times during that time, stemming from alcohol and cocaine abuse.

Melanie’s former husband, Antonio Banderas, stood by her during her addiction issues since their marriage in 1996. Sadly, the couple split in 2014 and divorced in 2015.

Johnny Depp

Image: wenn.com
Image: wenn.com

Johnny Depp stated in 2008 that for years he had poisoned himself with alcohol to numb his emotions. He claimed he had a handle on his drinking and drug use, but his estranged wife tells a different story.

In the court documents that Amber Heard filed, she claims that Johnny is still an alcoholic and drug addict. Sources have stated that Depp would go into violent rages when drunk.

In May 2016, Depp’s wife Amber released photos showing facial bruising and was granted a temporary restraining order against Depp, claiming he had physically abused her. She claims Depp threw his cell phone at her just days before she filed for divorce.


Naomi Campbell

Image: wenn.com
Image: wenn.com

Supermodel Naomi Campbell became known for her violent tantrums as much as her fame on the catwalk. Naomi blames her infamous behavior on being addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Her physician urged her to join AA and NA and she claims it completely changed her life.

Stephen King

Image: wenn.com
Image: wenn.com

Stephen King, known for his awesome horror stories such as “Carrie,” “It”, and “Misery”, battled drugs and alcohol for many years. The famous author claimed that alcohol and drugs gave him escape from his depressing reality.

King’s family staged an intervention in 1987 and he finally sought help for his addictions. He has reportedly been clean and sober since that time.

Kristin Davis

Image: wenn.com
Image: wenn.com

Kristin Davis, who most of us recognize for her role as Charlotte York in the TV series “Sex and the City” had a major alcohol problem.

Alcoholism ran in her family and she began drinking at a young age. She finally came down to making a decision at the age of 22 on whether she would continue to drink or wanted a career. She has remained sober ever since.

Davis has admitted that she does miss drinking at times because she has a tough time opening up on her own and alcohol made it easier to show her personality.

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