Lil Wayne Suffers Seizures Aboard Flight: Epilepsy Or Sizzurp?


Lil Wayne suffered a seizure while on a flight traveling from Wisconsin to California on Monday. The 33-year-old rapper reportedly blacked out and the pilot of his private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Omaha, Nebraska.  Wayne will be kept overnight in the hospital.

The “How to Love” rapper was seen by paramedics and he became alert again, but Weezy was said to be refusing medical treatment.

Lil Wayne once again boarded the private plane, but it is being reported that he suffered yet another seizure just two minutes later. The pilot was forced to make another emergency landing to the same airport. Wayne was treated on the plane.

The rapper has been plagued by similar health scares in the past. In 2012, Weezy suffered seizures again while aboard a plane and there were emergency landings two days in a row.

Things became even scarier in 2013 when Lil Wayne nearly died after a seizure. The rapper reportedly decided to make changes in his lifestyle after being hospitalized in April 2013.

Reports previously claimed that Wayne’s use of sizzurp and hard partying caused his attacks. But, Wayne himself previously revealed he has epilepsy and is on medication for it. He has reportedly suffered seizures since he was a child.

During Lil Wayne’s interview with MTV in New Orleans in 2012, he revealed he takes anti-seizure medication. He added that he also drinks four bottles of water every day. Lil Wayne added that the medication causes him to sweat profusely.

Wayne was taken to CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center, where he was treated in the emergency room. KETV NewsWatch 7 has learned that he’ll spend the night in the hospital.


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