82-Year-Old Man Rocks Out On “America’s Got Talent”: Sings Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”


An 82-year-old man named John Hetlinger certainly proves age is just a number. Hetlinger appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and shocked the judges and audience with his performance of Drowning Pool’s song, “Bodies.” Awesome!

The 82-year-old singer rocked the house with his rendition of Drowning Pool’s “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor,” stunning all four judges.

Hetlinger performed his rendition of the popular song, while rocking his khaki pants and white polo shirt.


John told the audience he had served in the Navy four years, two years in a patrol squadron in Okinawa.

He was a navy pilot, a minister, and then an aerospace engineer for Ball Aerospace in Boulder. Hetlinger worked on a team that made repairs to the Hubble telescope.

John’s surprising rock performance brought down the house.

John describes his singing style as “loose” and “casual.” His favorite part about singing heavy metal is the reaction he gets from the audience.

“Everybody seems to think it’s great that an old man is screaming ‘let the bodies hit the floor!’” John said.

John didn’t start performing until later in life. He auditioned and sang during talent shows on cruise ships in the 90s and later got hooked on karaoke.

A DJ at a bar in Albuquerque convinced him to try a heavier song. He has been singing “Bodies” for a couple years now. He also has Rob Zombie’s “Dragula” in his repertoire.


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