Tyson Beckford And DJ Ruckus Engage In Fisticuffs Over Shanina Shaik


Former friends Tyson Beckford, 45, and DJ Ruckus, 32, got into a brawl days ago outside of the Up & Down club in Manhattan, New York. It sounds odd for two grown men, but they were actually duking it out over Victoria’s Secret model, Shanina Shaik!

Beckford, a former model for Ralph Lauren and star of “Supermodel”, is the ex-boyfriend of Shanina. Tyson dated the stunning 25-year-old off/on since 2008, before calling it quits in 2015.

Tyson was not a happy camper after his good friend, DJ Ruckus, began dating Shanina several months later.

The ill-will towards one another came out when the two men ran into one another at the nightclub. Ruckus reportedly spotted Beckford and gave him the finger. The former model approached the DJ and told him they should take their beef outside.

The fight between Tyson and the DJ was reportedly brutal. An insider revealed that Tyson was on top of Ruckus as he punched him in the face. One of Ruckus’ friends began punching Beckford in the head.

The fight continued and the DJ punched the model-turned-actor in the groin. Tyson then gave Ruckus a knee to the groin area.

Tyson Beckford met Shanina Shaik when she was a contestant on Australia’s “Make Me a Supermodel.” He served as the host, judge, and mentor on the program.

Beckford may regret losing Shanina, but she has moved on and is engaged to DJ Ruckus.


Ruckus, whose birth name is Gregory Andrew, popped the question during a romantic trip in the Maldives in January. The couple are now busy planning their wedding.


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