Sharon Osbourne Discovered Ozzy Osbourne’s Affair By Emails [VIDEOS]


Ozzy Osbourne cheating with his hairstylist?

Sharon Osbourne opened up about her split with Ozzy Osbourne on “The Talk”, confirming the rocker had cheated on her. New reports reveal Sharon discovered her husband’s affair with Beverly Hills hairstylist, Michelle Pugh, by reading his emails.

An insider stated that Ozzy Osbourne’s hookups were not just random and that he “didn’t just cheat on Sharon once or twice — he had an affair with another woman.”

Sharon may have been able to get past an isolated incident of infidelity because she has forgiven her husband before. But the source said “this feels more like [he was living] a double life.”

Osbourne spoke candidly about going through a rough time on “The Talk”.  The 63-year-old co-host said she was so touched and amazed by the volume of well wishes sent her way from fans.

Sharon revealed that she kicked Ozzy out of their Beverly Hills home. She explained that Ozzy had actually returned home so she moved out of the house.

In March, Sharon spoke about Ozzy cheating on her before. She told the audience that she discovered him in bed with two nannies.


A source revealed that Michelle Pugh “was one of Ozzy’s mistresses” and worked as a colorist at the Mêche Salon in Beverly Hills. Pugh was reportedly fired last week over the cheating rumors. An insider said that “Ozzy was supporting her.”

The insider dished on just how Sharon learned of the affair.

“Sharon found out about the affair by searching through Ozzy’s emails. She was upset that he was supporting this woman!” the insider continues.

“She and [daughter] Kelly both called the salon repeatedly for about two weeks before the news broke, trying to get in touch with Michelle. They were really angry. Sharon is the reason Michelle was let go.”

Ozzy and Sharon’s split made headlines over the weekend and at one point it was reported the rocker was missing.

A source told Page Six that Sharon has “suspected for some time” that Ozzy was unfaithful to her.

An insider close to the family revealed that Sharon was devastated. The television personality had suspected her husband was unfaithful. Their children are also upset at their father for hurting their mother.


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