Did Prince Have An Out Of Control Cocaine Habit? [VIDEO]


Did Prince die of Aids or HIV?

Did Prince hide a secret cocaine habit from his friends and fans? The Carver County Sheriff’s Office released 911 call logs on Monday that show over 40 calls were made to 911 involving the singer’s Paisley Park estate between 2011 and 2016.

A woman reportedly called 911 to warn authorities that Prince has a nasty cocaine habit, five years before his death. The 911 made on June 20, 2011 from a woman in Germany claimed that Prince had confided to her a year earlier that he had an uncontrollable cocaine habit and told her to report it. Was she crazy or was the private singer making a cry for help? Authorities instructed the dispatcher to call the unidentified woman back to tell her the information was a year old. They did not respond to the call.

Those close to the “Purple Rain” singer claim they never saw the singer use drugs. Prince was 57 when he died on April 21 at Paisley Park. His exact cause of death is pending until toxicology results are returned.

A law enforcement official revealed that investigators are looking into whether Prince died from an overdose and the possibility a physician was prescribing him drugs in the weeks that led up to his death.

The official also revealed investigators were looking into whether the “When Doves Cry” singer overdosed on the plane in Moline, Illinois, which had to do an emergency landing about a week before the singer’s death. TMZ had reported the singer received NARCAN, which is nicknamed the “save shot”. The drug was reportedly used after Prince allegedly overdosed on Percocet.

911 call log about Prince released

The records released Monday stated that a 911 call was made in October 2013, where the caller reported that a 53 year-old man seemed to be dehydrated. The person (believed to be Prince) was taken to the hospital. The hospital is unable to confirm the identity due to strict privacy laws.

The 911 call log also included the call the day Prince passed away. The call was received at 9:43 a.m., reporting a person “down and not breathing.”

Investigators are awaiting autopsy and toxicology test results to determine the exact cause of the beloved singer’s death.

Prince cause of death released?

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