Jason Sudeikis Plays “Drinko” Game With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)


Jason Sudeikis joins Fallon for "Drinko" game

On Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon challenged fellow Saturday Night Live alum Jason Sudeikis to a round of “Drinko”.

The game is based off of the Price Is Right’s game “Plinko”, but with booze and other concoctions.

Instead of the original Plinko’s cash and prizes, the guys win a drink of something potentially nasty.

The game consists of Sudeikis and Fallon taking turns dropping discs down a board into Solo cups filled with drinks, such as beer and tequila or even pickle juice and pea soup.

Jason Sudeikis drinking game with Fallon video

Announcer Steve Higgins “hosted the “Drinko” game, a perverted robot (with a very annoying voice).

Jason’s disc drop resulted in a mixture of Capri Sun-bubble tea blend.

The actor warned, “If you puke, we put it right back in”.

Jason Sudeikis drinking game with Fallon video

Fallon then landed on a strange wine-spritzer-bubble-tea mixture.

The actor joked, “Why is bubble tea a thing? Is that an astronaut thing?”

Fallon and Sudeikis end the game by both dropping disks, with much more pleasing results.

Sudeikis ended the segment with tequila and a pickle juice chaser.

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Images: Jimmy Fallon


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