Coco Austin Shows Off Her Baby Bump…And Lady Lumps (Photos)


Coco Austin shows growing baby belly

Coco Austin is showing off her growing baby bump (and everything else) in new Facebook photos.

The curvy reality star hit out at reports last month that she was using a surrogate, but put those rumors to rest with these pictures.

Coco, wife of rapper and actor Ice T, posted the revealing bikini selfies as she stood in front of her wardrobe and huge shoe collection. So jealous!

Coco at 26 weeks pregnant in tiny bikini

The 36-year-old Ice Loves Coco star told her Facebook followers, “Happy Labor Day! I wanted to finally surprise you with pregnant bikini pics! For some reason many of you have been asking weeks now to see my baby bump in a swimsuit!

“And of course I had to do it,Coco style and rep in a micro bikini….. Well, I’ve been waiting sometime to take this cuz as u can see if u look at me from the front its very hard to see my lump but from the side its getting more visible”.

Coco at 26 weeks pregnant in tiny bikini

Austin is about 26 weeks along in her pregnancy, but her baby bump is still pretty small.  But she has continued her workout regime.

Coco Austin shows off her pregnancy body on Facebook

She recently raised eyebrows when she stated that women should be submissive toward their husbands.

Ice-T & Coco Austin finally having a baby

Coco said, “I think all women should do it. I am a slave to him. It has been 15 years and it has worked out.”

Ice-T added, “Out of choice, she likes that. I hit the jackpot with this one. Coco is also OCD so when she gets mad she also cleans”.

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