“Can’t Buy Me Love” Star Amanda Peterson Died Of Massive Drug Overdose


Patrick Dempsey & Amanda Peterson in Can't Buy me Love

Amanda Peterson, who is known for her 1980s role in Can’t Buy Me Love, died of a drug overdose.

Peterson, who died in July at the age of 43, ingested large amounts of prescription drugs containing morphine to control pain.

Amanda was found dead by police on July 5th at her home in Greeley, Colorado.

The coroner’s report revealed the actress died of an accidental overdose.

A toxicology report revealed the mother of two died when the morphine shut down her respiratory system.

Amanda Peterson in 2010

The Weld County Coroner reportedly found evidence of a cocktail of drugs in Peterson’s system.

Toxicology results showed the presence of the anti-anxiety drug benzodizepine, the anti-psychosis drug phenothiazine, and other opiates. There was also marijuana in her system.

The report shows that Gabapentin was found in quantities exceeding six times the regular dose.

Before her death, Peterson reportedly told someone her friends had given her the morphine drugs to deal with pain.

The overdose follows a string of arrests in the past 13 years, some of which were for allegedly possessing narcotics equipment.

Amanda Peterson mugshot photos
Peterson had been acting since the age of nine, but found fame with the romantic comedy “Can’t Buy Me Love” in 1987.  She starred opposite Patrick Dempsey.

The actress played the role of a popular cheerleader named Cindi Mancini, who was hired by the school nerd (Dempsey) to pretend to be his girlfriend for a month.

Amanda Peterson cause of death?

Peterson retired from the entertainment industry aged just 23, and moved back to her native Colorado where she married twice and started a family.

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