TV Judge Joe Brown To Begin Five-Day Jail Sentence On Contempt Of Court


Judge Joe Brown in the slammer

Former television judge Joe Brown obviously doesn’t behave very well when he is on the other side of the judge’s bench.

Brown bashed the Tennessee magistrate who charged him with contempt of court, insisting he is serving time for a crime he “didn’t commit”.

Joe left his home for the Shelby County Corrections Center today.

He said of Magistrate Judge Harold Horne, “If I saw [him] in a bar… I might give him some four-letter words.”

The former judge also defended his actions in March 2014, when he acted like an obnoxious fool in the county’s juvenile court while representing a client in a child support case.

Judge Joe Brown all fringed out

Brown said, “Sometimes you can’t be nice about things, you have to be aggressive, and this was such an outrageous situation that this woman had been put into. I had to do what I had to do, and I’d do it again.”

Judge Joe Brown in the slammer

He added that he was simply “zealously advocating for a woman in distress”, stating he “didn’t commit any crime… and I actually won the case. It got dismissed”.

Just two weeks previously, the state’s Supreme Court had denied Brown’s application to appeal a Court of Appeals ruling that had upheld the original sentence passed following the in-court argument.

Judge Joe Brown a judge but not respect for the law?

Former judge Joe Brown arrived at the Shelby County Corrections Center.

William Gupton, director of the Shelby County Corrections Center, stated, “He’s in a cell by himself in a protected area from other inmates. This is a standard procedure for any inmate who might be threatened by inmates at the facility”.

Brown, a former Shelby County Criminal Court judge, was initially sentenced to one day in jail by Horne after his outburst. However, this was later upped to five days following the verbal exchange.

Brown was arrested on the day of his court outburst and released several hours later.

Brown disrespectfully told the judge, “Excuse me, on what authority do you sit, by the way. This tribunal on a General Sessions Court’s authority is insufficient to establish you. Therefore, I challenge your authority to hear it. … This is a circus, sir.”

In his appeal, Brown claimed the audio recording was manipulated.

Brown’s popular reality show was canceled in 2013 after taping over 500 episodes.

Judge Joe Brown will remain behind bars at Shelby County Corrections Center until Monday.

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