Terrence Howard Cried On Witness Stand: Ex Threatened Actor Over His STD?


Terrence Howard claims ex was extorting him

Actor Terrence Howard broke down into tears in front of the judge while on the witness stand.

The “Empire” star was telling the judge how his wife threatened to release medical information that could hurt his career.

Howard was explaining the he signed his 2012 divorce settlement under “extreme duress”.

The Oscar-nominated star cried in the witness box as he told the judge that his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, was threatening him.

Terrence, 46, is attempting to have the divorce settlement nullified on the grounds that he was forced to sign them while under duress.

Howard, who currently stars in on the hit Fox series Empire, revealed that Ghent threatened to release confidential and sensitive medical information about him.

He claims it would have been devastating to his career and would have made it impossible for the actor to seek employment in the entertainment industry.

Terrence Howard to be a fourth-time father

They are rumors that Terrance Howard’s wife threatened him she would tell people he had a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

Of course, the court transcripts are meant to be private but there is said to be a recording of her threatening Howard.

Howard’s sister-in-law, Yvonne Howard, testified that a sex tape of Terrence exists and was being allegedly used to threaten him and force his compliance.

The video hasn’t been leaked yet, but it allegedly shows Terrence Howard having sex with an unidentified woman while another woman records them.

Terrence Howard has to pay Michelle Ghent $50 grand in temp support

Howard said on the stand, “Michelle was threatening that if I didn’t get this mediation, this settlement agreement, (signed) she would release to the public that I had herpes and that she would release the videos and audios of me in a very private and intimate place and that I would never be able to work again in this business.”

The actor’s ex-wife wants him to pay $500,000 in back spousal support he allegedly owes her and knows he makes $125,000 an episode on “Empire” after filing a subpoena to obtain the actor’s series contract.

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