Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Paid For Sex With 16-Year-Old Girl?


Subway spokesman Jared Fogle before and after

Jared Fogle’s rep claims that investigators did not find anything on the Subway spokesperson during their raid at his home last month, but a new report reveals Fogle admitted he paid $100 for sex with a 16-year-old-girl.

Subway has now cut all ties with their former spokesperson.

But it appears Fogle’s legal problems are about to get much more serious.

Tthe FBI recently subpoenaed an affadavit containing text messages allegedly between Fogle and a female Subway franchisee in which Fogle admitted he paid to have sex with a 16-year-old.

The woman said in a text, “Is this the same website you found that 16 year old girl you that you f*****? …I still can’t believe you only paid $100 for her”.

The person using the phone number registered to Fogle responded, “It was amazing!!!!”

In other texts, Fogle repeatedly suggested the woman advertise herself on Craigslist for sex with other men. He said he wanted to watch and she could earn up to $500 per sex act.

Jared allegedly also begged her to set him up with her underage cousin.

In a text, he wrote, “When can we find a time for me to talk to your cousin?”

The following day he added, “Any more news with your cousin? Tell me what u think about when u think of the three of us all together???”

The unidentified female, who has now lawyered-up, felt uncomfortable with the messages and reported the communications to Subway.

The text messages were extracted by a court reporter and notarized. Her lawyer said that the company denied any violations, as Fogle wasn’t an official Subway employee, but only a spokesperson for the brand.

The woman “also specifically warned [Subway] that he should not be interacting with young people.”

But Jared still continued to work with children through the Jared Foundation, which was shut down when the executive director was arrested on child pornography charges this spring.

Subway called the allegations “appalling” in an Aug. 1 Facebook post, “About the most recent news story on Jared Fogle, this allegation, if true, is appalling and is contrary to the values of our brand. As previously stated, we have suspended our relationship with Jared”.

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