Ridiculousness Star Chanel West Coast (Chelsea Dudley) Arrested After Bar Fight (VIDEO)


Ridiculousness star Chanel West Coast arrested after bar brawl

MTV star Chelsea Dudley, better known as Chanel West Coast, wound up in handcuffs on Tuesday night after getting into a fight at 1Oak in West Hollywood.

The 26-year-old star, who appears on Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory with Rob Dyrdek, assaulted officers after being thrown out of the club.

After Chanel was outside, she turned on the 1Oak security team.

Someone on the scene made a citizen’s arrest and restrained the MTV show host until Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrived and detained her.

Chanel is shown in a pink t-shirt and jeans as she cries and pleads with deputies to let her go.

Chelsea Dudley aka Chanel begs officer to let her go

In the video of her arrest, she declares, “I’ve been on TV for 17 seasons”.  But the officers did not seem impressed.

She then pleads with the cop, telling him “she’ll do anything”.

He responds by saying, “you’re gonna go for bribery now too?”

She tells another officer that she ‘totally’ wants to go home and insists that she has done nothing wrong.

The arresting deputy told her he wanted to let her go even after she kicked him, but then she went and punched him too.

Dudley begs him, “Can you give me a second chance? I’m a normal f***ing girl.”

Chanel got her start on television when professional skateboarder-turned reality star Rob Dyrdek offered her a position on his show Fantasy Factory.

She later became a main cast member on the show Ridiculousness. The fourth season of the popular series premiered in January 2014, and the sixth season of Fantasy Factory was announced in 2013.


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