Lenny Kravitz Rips His Leather Pants On Stage: Dong Falls Out (VIDEO)


Lenny Kravitz in concert

Lenny Kravitz was performing at Grona Lund in Stockholm as part of his Strut World Tour, when he crouched down and his leather pants ripped.

The dude was definitely going commando! Check out the video!

Kravtiz was on stage in Sweden on Monday night when his black leather pants split wide open as he crouched down and accidentally showed his junk to the audience.

Lenny Kravitz rocks out with his co*k out in Sweden

The 51-year-old musician let it all hang out literally, before realizing that something felt a little breezy.

Lenny then exited the stage for a few minutes in order to change into another pair of leather pants.

Lenny Kravitz suffers wardrobe malfunction in Sweden

A producer for the show took to the stage to alert the audience that there were “some problems on stage”.

The singer and guitarist informed the crowd that he had ripped his pants from front to back.

Lenny carried on with his show and did not appear to fazed by the wardrobe malfunction in the least.

Lenny Kravitz's dong falls out of ripped pants

If you are a pervert like we are and want to see the actual NSFW footage, click here.

Talk about rockin’ out with your c**k out! Literally!

We have to admit this is one of our favorite wardrobe malfunctions of all time.


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Images: YouTube/wenn.com


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