Kristen Stewart & Co-star Jesse Eisenberg Conduct “Sexist” Interview (VIDEO)


Kristen Stewart pranks Jesse Eisenberg in interview

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are currently promoting their upcoming movie “American Ultra”, deciding to make their interview a little more interesting.

The two co-stars did a funny interview for Funny or Die, making light of the sexist questions Hollywood stars are normally asked during press junkets.

The 25-year-old actress and 31-year-old Jesse were meant to interview each other, but Kristen played a prank and switched their interview cards around.

Sitting across from Jesse, the Twilight star stated, “It would be fun if we interview each other today.”

He went along with it, reading off the card, “The question I have for you, Kristen. It’s kind of a strange one actually – how did you bulk up for this role?”

Stewart answered, “I don’t typically really need to work out. I just focus on staying healthy and grounded.”

She then asked Jesse, “Do you have any favorite designers?”, with the actor asking, “Is that what it says on there? I think they may have switched our cards.”

Jesse Eisenberg confused by odd questions

“I do actually get asked these questions a lot,” she claimed.

Stewart asked, “Is this not how they usually go for you?”

Kristen then asked another round of questions to a flustered Jesse, asking whether he was ‘seeing anyone’ and if he was ‘pregnant.’

She also went on to ask if he boobs ever “accidentally” slip out. She continued, “And is that ever funny or awkward? Or do you do that on purpose to get attention?”

Eisenberg knew something was a bit off, stating, “A lot of the questions you’re asking me feel like they’re about things that are not about the movie”.

Kristen Stewart pranks Jesse Eisenberg in interview

Kristen then let him know the whole interview was a prank.

Jesse and Kristen are starring in “American Ultra”, which hits theaters on August 21.

The film is about a convenience store clerk (Jesse), who is reborn into his previous life as a lethal government operative.

He and his girlfriend Phoebe (Stewart) attempt to survive bad guys trying to get them.

American Ultra trailer:

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