Kelly Osbourne Blasts Giuliana Rancic & Calls Her A Liar


Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Rancic

It doesn’t appear Kelly Osbourne and her former “Fashion Police” co-star Giuliana Rancic will be kissing and making up anytime soon.

Osbourne said she never liked Rancic and said she’s a bad person and a liar. Wow!

The women infamously fell out over what Kelly found to be ”offensive” comments the former E! News anchor, insisting she won’t be reconciling with Rancic.

Kelly said, “I will never admit to liking Giuliana because I don’t. I don’t think she’s a good person and I think she’s a liar.”

Kelly Osbourne gets new tat on side of head

She was asked about the other stars on the E! show, saying, “Brad [Gorescki] is one of the most incredible people in fashion, he is funny as f**k.  I am so happy for Melissa [Rivers] that she is filling that seat and I want that show to go on. It was just my time to move on.”

Now Kathy and Kelly have left Fashion Police

Kelly hasn’t ruled out a return to the show she hosted for four years.

Osbourne recently told The Wrap, “If certain people weren’t there.”

Kelly previously admitted to ”screaming” when she found out Melissa would be hosting ‘Fashion Police’.

Melissa Rivers and late mother Joan Rivers

She said, “‘This is what should have happened from day one. Melissa always should have been there. When [Melissa] called me to tell me, I was like screaming, jumping up and down because I’m like, ‘Continue the legacy!'”

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