Jason Segel Reveals Paul Rudd’s Hilarious Bathroom Pranks (VIDEOS)


Jason Segel tells Conan about Paul Rudd's restroom antics

Jason Segel appeared on “Conan”, discussing his friend and former co-star Paul Rudd’s hilarious pranks.

The “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” star told the late night host that the embarrassing gags happened in restrooms.

During his appearance on the late night show, Segel stated that he spent lots of time with Rudd when they co-starred in the 2009 comedy “I Love You, Man”.

Jason said there were three basic pranks that Paul enjoying doing in public bathrooms.

One included Rudd dropping his pants and underwear to his ankles like a child as he stands to urinate.

Jason Segel on Conan Show video 2015

Segel explains, “He does it at airports… Sometimes I’d walk into a bathroom and he would be standing there amongst other grown men with his pants and underwear down to his ankles like a little boy, peeing.

“Then he does another one when he slowly starts taking steps backward as he’s using the urinal, so eventually he’s quite far away. And then sometimes we’re at a urinal together and there’s other people around, and he’ll just go like this (peers over the divider), ‘Hey, nice penis!'”

He also revealed that when he would use a urinal next to Rudd in a crowded bathroom that Paul would lean over and say, “Hey, nice penis”.

Host Conan O’Brien joked that Rudd needs to stop pulling the pranks or he’s “gonna cause a problem,” but Segel said he approved.

Be sure and check out this hilarious video of Paul and Jason.

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