Jackass Star Steve-O Made Us Cringe With 100 Ft. Crane Stunt (VIDEOS)


Steve-O does crazy crane climb to say Seaworld sucks

Crazy Steve-O really freaked us out with his latest stunt.

He climbed a 100ft crane in the middle of Hollywood on Sunday night as part of a live ‘SeaWorld sucks’ stunt, as police arrived on the scene and unable to stop him.

The Jackass star broadcast his terrifying exploit to around 20,000 people as he climbed the tall structure with an inflatable killer whale.

Steve-O does crazy crane climb to say Seaworld sucks

Steve-O kept fans updated on Snapchat as he made his way up the crane, with just metal bars between him and the ground below.

This photo makes our heart pound

He began his climb at around 7 p.m., teasing fans about his “big dangerous stunt in Los Angeles tomorrow that will probably get me in a lot of trouble”.

Here’s Steve-O’s NSFW snapchat video:

His first broadcast Sunday night showed him hopping a fence to get inside the construction site, where he appeared to use a ladder to scale the crane.

Photos show him moving along the length of the crane.

Steve-O crazy crane stunt

Steve-O reported at around 7:30 that he could hear sirens, as a round a dozen emergency vehicles gathered around the construction site.

Defiant Steve-O said, “The cops are going to have to wait for kind of a while I think – I got a few things to do’ after counting several squad cars.

At around 9 p.m., he let fans know he was almost finished and was expecting to be arrested.

He asked, “Does anyone wanna bail me out of jail?”

SeaWorld, Steve-O’s target, has been widely criticized since claims emerged that the parks treat their whales and other large mammals inhumanely.

Steve-O was arrested late Sunday night, after firefighters and police rushed to the scene and set up an emergency cushion in case he fell.

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