Five Finger Death Punch Singer Ivan Moody’s Wife Files For Divorce: Cites Domestic Violence & Infidelity


Ivan Moody & wife Holly Smith photos

Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody’s wife has filed from divorce, accusing the singer of cheating on her and being violent during their marriage.

Holly Smith claims she confronted Ivan in a Las Vegas hotel room after discovering tests from other women on his phone. She claims he punched and choked her.

Holly accused him of cheating after finding texts from other women on his cell phone, but Ivan refused to own up to being a douchebag cheater.

Smith went to bed and woke up with Moody’s arms around her neck in a Jiu-Jitsu submission hold. She claims he repeatedly punched her and choked her with a blanket.

Ivan Moody a cheater and wife-beater?

The singer was arrested for domestic violence, but the charges were dropped.

The other documents apparently contain other incidents of abuse, including broken blood vessels and a bloody eye.

Holly is seeking financial support, claiming that Moody makes about $66,000/month with Five Finger Death Punch.

Five Finger Death Punch photos

Ivan has struggled with alcoholism, admitting in 2012 that his drinking nearly got him fired from the band.

Other members of Five Finger Death Punch wouldn’t answer his phone calls and they had lost many tour managers.

Ivan performed drunk in front of large crowds and would not remember any of it the next day.

He started to cut down on the alcohol and drink with more responsibility, before stopping completely. Ivan says that he “felt like a junkie and from that extreme, it takes a lot of effort to go back.”

Five Finger Death Punch will release “Got Your Six” on September 4.


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