Five Finger Death Punch Frontman Ivan Moody’s “Wife” Claims He Is Possessed?


Is Ivan Moody even married to Holly Smith?

Ivan Moody’s estranged wife, Holly Smith, has filed an affidavit with the Adams County Court in Colorado claiming Moody is abusing alcohol and suffering from delusions.

Smith stated, “Ivan has talked to me in third person in a voice different from his own as if he were a demonic presence inhabiting a body.”

Holly said that Ivan can no longer tell the difference between his real persona and his onstage one due to his alcohol abuse.

Smith says Ivan seems to be taking on the personality of the band’s song, “Jekyll and Hyde.”

NSFW video with offensive language – Jekyll & Hyde:

She says, “Ivan has talked to me in third person in a voice different from his own as if he were a demonic presence inhabiting a body.”

Ivan Moody like Jekyll & Hyde?

Ivan’s sister, Sandra Dykes, filed an affidavit of her own as well backing up many of Holly’s claims.

Holly and Sandra believe that Ivan needs to enter rehab immediately.

A judge granted Holly a restraining order against Ivan after she showed photos of bruises and a bloodied eye.

Holly filed for divorce earlier this month, but Moody claims they were never officially married and accuses her of making up the allegations of domestic violence.

Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody photos

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory supported the frontman’s story, stating the couple is not even married.

Is Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death punch even married to Holly Smith?

The band’s manager Allen Kovak issued a statement, saying, “Holly Smith has made claims of domestic violence that were dismissed on July 14th, 2015. She has also claimed that she was married to Ivan Moody, which Ivan denies.

“A search of county clerk records in the location she claims to have gotten married showed no marriage certificate. Ms. Smith has also made statements alleging that Moody is the father of her child which has also been shown to be untrue.

“We look forward to proving that there are no grounds for divorce in this case and that Ms Smith is not a credible source of information. Nobody in FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH condones domestic violence or abuse of any kind. The media attention is rife with false allegations and we hope that the media will start to follow the facts so that Ivan can move on”.

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