Empire Star Terrence Howard Already Secretly Divorced From Mira Pak


Terrence Howard quietly divorced from Mira

Terrence Howard has been in the news recently as he battles his second wife, Michelle Ghent, over their divorce settlement he claims he was coerced into signing.

But now it’s been revealed he has already secretly divorced Mira Pak, with whom he welcomed a baby boy in May.

During his closing arguments in a Los Angeles court, it was revealed the Empire star secretly divorced his most recent spouse Mira Pak, 38.

Mira reportedly began started divorce proceedings in March while still pregnant with her first child with the star, legal documents revealed.

Terrence Howard & Mira Howard photos

Their son Qirin Love was born in May.

Howard soon after shared a Twitter photo of the child with the caption reading, “A mythical ½ dragon ½ lion who glides above the land so as not to harm even a blade of grass… meet Qirin Love!”

Terrence Howard son just born in May 2015
Howard and Pak wed in 2013 and announced her pregnancy in January.

The Empire star is currently in a nasty court battle over his divorce settlement in 2012 with Michelle Ghent.

Terrence claims she blackmailed him with releasing information about an alleged STD.

He maintains that Ghent demanded a large divorce settlement or she would release embarrassing information recordings of him dancing naked and having phone sex with other women.

Terrence Howard and Michele Ghent photos

A ruling on this case is due early next week.

The Hustle & Flow actor has been married four times, twice to the same person.

In 1989, he married Lori MCommas with whom he had three children – Aubrey, Heaven and Hunter.

They divorced in 2003 only to remarry in 2005. They split again in 2007.

He tied the knot with Michelle Ghent in 2010 and they divorced in 2013. She accused him of physically abusing her.

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