Broadway Star Constantine Maroulis Arrested For Kicking Girlfriend In The Crotch: How Romantic!


Constantine Maroulis arrested for domestic violence

Constantine Maroulis has been arrested for domestic violence.

The former American Idol contestant was taken into custody on Wednesday after allegedly kicking his girlfriend Angel Reed in the crotch.

Reed, the mother of their four-year-old daughter, called 911 to report the incident.

Police arrested Maroulis after she claimed he’d thrown her to the ground and kicked her in the crotch.

Constantine told a different story, saying Angel attacked him first and that he acted in self-defense.

The singer says the fight broke out when he tried to break up with her.

Constantine Maroulis obtains restraining order against Angel Reed

Maroulis’ reps said he was injured on the thigh when Reed threw an object him, and claim there’s evidence his girlfriend has been violent towards him in the past.

The Tony-nominated performer and Reed began dating in 2009, after meeting while working on his hit Broadway show Rock of Ages.  Constantine also previously starred in Jekyll and Hyde on Broadway.

Constantine Maroulis on American Idol (far right)

The American Idol alum was the sixth-place finalist on the fourth season of the reality television series.

Constantine Maroulis acted in self-defense?

Maroulis’ rep issued an official statement about his client’s arrest.

[Constantine] did not throw her to the ground or kick her in the groin during this incident. He consequently left their home to protect himself and to diffuse the situation. Some time later, the local police came and arrested him for domestic abuse… Mr. Maroulis intends to defend himself vigorously, as well as protect his child, both in the court of law and, as necessary, in the court of public opinion and is confident that he will be completely vindicated when the truth is known. He thanks his family, friends, fans and supporters for their continued faith and trust in him during this challenging time and assures them that their belief in him is warranted.

After his arrest, Constantine Maroulis posted bail and was released.

He immediately made his way to file for a restraining order and claims Angel has thrown a picture frame at him, destroyed numerous personal items and went on a campaign of harassment.

The judge issued a temporary restraining order, which will be difficult because they live in the same home.

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