5SOS Guitarist Michael Clifford Opens Up About Mental Health Battle (VIDEO)


5 Seconds of Summer's Michael Clifford pics

Michael Clifford surprised fans when he opened up about his struggles during a concert earlier this week, telling fans he took time during the band’s brief break to seek professional help.

The 5SOS guitarist said, “I was fixing some problems with my mental health. I just saw a therapist real quick on the break we had.”

A video from the show features Michael stepping up to his mic and telling the fans that he was “fixing some problems” with his mental health, with fans screaming to show their support.

Michael told tens of thousands of fans that he was having some issues with his mental health… but also told them that he was working on it.

5SOS at Teen Choice Awards 2015

His band members quietly listened as he told the crowd what had been going on, before immediately gearing up to play another song.

Clifford did not go into specific details about what type of problems he was having, but many fans took to social media to show their support.

Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds of Summer on mental issues

In a message on Twitter.com, one concertgoer wrote, “Michael says… hes been seeing a therapist for his mental health issues. We love you! Always here!”

Another fan added, “Always had the urge to hug Michael, but after all this I just wanna hug him tightly & tell him everything will be alright #WeLoveYouMichael”.

Back in June, Michael had quite the scare when a fireball as part of their show burned his face and hair.

5 Seconds to Summer's Michael Clifford catches fire on stage

Thankfully the burns weren’t too serious.

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