Tom Selleck Stealing Truckloads Of Water During Drought?


Tom Selleck stealing truckloads of water?

Tom Selleck has been stealing truckloads of water from a hydrant for his 60-acre ranch and avocado farm in California, according to a lawsuit filed by a water district.

The amusing part is that the actor, who played a private detective on television, was being investigated by a private investigator that discovered the “water theft”.

Selleck and his wife Jillie Mack are accused of dispatching a white truck to a neighboring valley at least 12 times since 2013 to retrieve gallons of precious water, which is in short supply during the drought.

Tom Selleck's water theft discovered by PI

Calleguas Municipal Water District spent $22,000 on a private investigator, who discovered Selleck was having his commercial water truck at least 12 times using a public hydrant at a construction site in Thousand Oaks.

Tom Selleck had water delivered to ranch


The trucks took the water to the Blue Bloods star’s 60-acre ranch.

The Sellecks were issued a cease-and-desist notice, but continued to bring water to their ranch Hidden Valley in Westlake Village.

The firm is asking for $21,685.55 to cover the cost of their private investigator, plus legal costs and an injunction.

Tom Selleck's water theft discovered by PI

The news comes as Californians are asked to cut their use of water by 25 per cent as they deal with a serious drought.

Celebrities have come under fire for their use of water after aerials shots captured luscious, watered ranches across water-deprived valleys.

Some amusing Twitter users had a few funny things to say about the Selleck water-stealing situation.

Funny tweets on Tom Selleck stealing water

Another funny one:

Funny tweets on Tom Selleck stealing water

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