Scott Disick Enters Rehab For Mere Hours Amid Cheating Scandal


Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian really over for good?

Scott Disick went off on another bender and hooked up with his ex-girlfriend, cheating on his longtime partner (and mother to his three kids) Kourtney Kardashian.

She promptly dumped him after photos of his cheating made headlines.

Scott posted a rather sad Instagram message on his daughter Penelope’s third birthday on Wednesday, making man fans question his state of mind.

The caption, which included a collage of photos of his adorable daughter read, “1 of the only things I’m proud off about myself. Happybdayp”.

Disick's birthday message to daughter

Now it has been revealed Scott Disick may have been seeking help before his latest meltdown, which has led to a breakup with longtime partner Kourtney Kardashian, 36.

The 32-year-old went in and out of rehab on Sunday in Florida after he went on a bender during his trip to France.

He only stayed at the rehab facility for several hours, located near where he is staying with his former girlfriend, Chloe Bartoli in France.

Scott Disick hooking up with ex-girlfriend?

“Lord Disick” was spotted getting quite cozy with his ex Chloe Bartoli in Monaco last week.

A source revealed, “He wouldn’t go home, even though people told him to go home to [Kourtney] and his family. Things were already very tense between him and Kourtney.”

“It was one excuse after the other,” the source revealed. He said, ‘I just need to stay away for another day to think things through’ or ‘I already have my flight planned.’ The truth is, Scott was terrified.”

His latest antics appear to be the last straw for Kourtney, with a source close to the reality star saying the photos were “humiliating and disrespectful”.
On Thursday, Kourtney had Scott’s belonging’s packed and removed from their home and sent to his property in Beverly Hills.

Disick appears upset over the end of his nine-year relationship with Kourtney, but doesn’t appear to think it is over for good.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian over?

An insider said, “Scott says that he’s doing fine. He says that he is not upset that the relationship is over, because “over” doesn’t always mean “over.” He has left open the door to getting back with her.”

The source added, “But he’s open to the idea that she may not forgive him and it may really be over for good, and he’s okay with that, too. Right now his feeling is, whatever happens, happens”.

Scott Disick  with Penelope and Mason

It doesn’t appear Scott is too concerned with showing Kourtney he is open to seeking help. In fact, he is hosting a party in Las Vegas tonight at 1oak.

Scott’s decision to keep partying and invite his fans to join him has angered those who were already upset with him.

One user wrote: “Wow Scott I thought you were a better guy than this. What are you doing? You are a father! What about those three babies. Grow up!”

Scott Disick hosts at 1OAK Nightclub

Another person added, “She has just wasted 10 years of her life putting up with you thinking you’ll become a better person, all for nothing. You were my favorite Kardashian when you were at home. You’ve lost all my respect.”

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