Puddle Of Mudd’s Wes Scantlin Arrested FOR DWI: Led Cops On 100 MPH Chase


Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin pics

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin has been arrested once again. The singer was popped for a DWI in New Mexico, four times the legal limit.

Damn, it sucks to see someone hot and talented that can’t overcome their demons.

Scantlin, 43, was booked in the Renville County Jail at around 4:47 a.m.

The “Blurry” singer was spotted speeding and led police on a 100 MPH high-speed chase.

The singer was charged with driving under the influence and refusing to take a breathalyzer test.

Of course this isn’t Scantlin’s first time to be in trouble with the law.

The Puddle of Mudd singer was arrested at Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee in April for disorderly conduct.

Just two months earlier, he was busted for riding the luggage carousel at Denver International Airport. He was ultimately charged with trespassing and avoided federal charges.

Puddle of Mudd singer arrested yet again

On April 16, 2014, Scantlin had an on-stage meltdown during a show at Trees Dallas, in which he threw a microphone and beer into the audience. He also received criticism as he appeared to be lip-syncing during the performance.

Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin can't get his shit together

On January 16, 2015, Scantlin was arrested at Denver International Airport for riding on the baggage carousel and ending up in the restricted area.[20]

During a live performance on April 2, 2015, Scantlin had a meltdown, smashing his guitar, headphones and part of the drummer’s kit.

In May 2013, Scantlin was arrested on domestic violence charges after he apparently dragged his ex-wife and then pulled her by the arm or the shirt.

Puddle of Mudd is scheduled to perform at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas on July 31.

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