Pedal Steel Guitar Player Buddy Emmons Dead At 78: R.I.P. (VIDEO)


Buddy Emmons steel guitar videos

Buddy Emmons passed away on Tuesday evening at the age of 78.

Emmons played with Ernest Tubb, Ray Price, Roger Miller, and Willie Nelson during his career.

Emmons’ father bought him a six-string lap steel guitar as a boy and signed him up for lessons.

Buddy moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1955 at the age of 18 after late country music veteran Little Jimmy Dickens asked him to play in his band.

Buddy Emmons R.I.P.

He went on to play with Roger Miller, the Everly Brothers, Ray Price, Linda Ronstadt, and Ernest Tubb.

Emmons also did session work with Willie Nelson, and occasionally performed on country radio show Prairie Home Companion.

The steel guitarist has been called “The World’s Foremost Steel Guitarist”, playing various genres including swing, country, folk, and country rock.

Emmons was inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in 1981.

He never officially retired, continuing to play at steel guitar shows. But repetitive motion injury left him unable to play full time in 2001.

R.I.P. steel guitarist Buddy Emmons

Buddy’s wife Peggy died in 2007. He is survived by two granddaughters Crystal and Brittany, and two grandsons, Levon and Buddie III.

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