Paul Rudd Trolls Conan O’Brien For The Millionith Time: Still Hilarious (VIDEO)


Paul Rudd tricks Conan yet again

Paul Rudd is just hilarious and just loves to annoy the hell out of Conan O’Brien when he has a movie to promote.

Rudd is busy promoting his Marvel movie Ant-Man, showing a clip that includes the movie Mac and Me mixed in the clip. The same prank he has pulled on the late night host dozens of times.

Each time that Paul stopped by the Late Night/Tonight Show/Conan, he’s brought along a clip of whatever movie he’s promoting.

But of course it’s never the real movie he is promoting. Conan has them start the clip and it shows a scene from the ET rip-off movie “Mac and Me” from 1988.

Paul Rudd trolls Conan again with Mac and Me Clip

Rudd thinks this is hilarious.  And we do too!

Rudd promises Conan that this time things will be different. This time he’s in a big-budget Marvel movie, and he can’t mess around with a Marvel movie.

Conan goes to the clip and surprisingly enough, it really is Ant-Man. It’s a scene with Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, and Rudd!

But suddenly it returns back to the same scene in Mac and Me that Rudd has been fooling around with for more than a decade.

Paul Rudd is totally enjoying this

We think this joke never gets old. In fact, we find it even more amusing.

Conan O'Brien is not amused

Hey, it could be worse. In Rudd’s recent interview, he farted the entire time. See that clip here.

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