Oops! Armie Hammer Accidentally Shows Hairstylist His Nude Photo (VIDEO)


Armie Hammer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! video

Armie Hammer, star of The Lone Ranger and The Social Network, revealed a rather embarrassing incident when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The handsome actor welcomed daughter Harper in December 2014, proudly showing off his daughter’s photos while having his hair cut before his appearance on the show.

The actor, married to Elizabeth Chambers, flipped through photos on his iphone and realized he was showing much more than just a cute photo of his daughter.

Armie Hammer & Elizabeth Chambers pics

Hammer explained to Kimmel, “I found out today that I have nude pictures on my phone, I’m not kidding. I went out to get a haircut, ’cause this is a special occasion, I’m gonna be on the Kimmel show, so I went to get my haircut and then (I) said, ‘I just had a daughter,’ and she said, ‘Do you have any pictures of your daughter?’ I said, ‘Of course, I’ve got tons of pictures.

“And I’m going through my phone and there’s pictures of my daughter and I get to pictures where she’s sitting in the sink and she’s kinda lounging up on the sink and she looks like she’s having the time of her life. I’m showing her these pictures, I go, ‘Look at how cute she is, we’re in the bathroom, she’s just right in the bathtub.’

“After showing her these pictures for about 30 seconds, I realize I’m standing fully nude in the mirror of this bathroom. As quickly and casually as possible, I went, ‘Anyway, you get the picture.'”

Armie Hammer naked photo slip-up

We bet she did!

Thankfully the hairdresser didn’t let on about seeing anything in the photo.

Who hasn’t accidentally done that before? So embarrassing!

During his appearance, Armie also discussed working with Guy Ritchie:

Hammer also discussed his horrible idea of taking a cross-country trip on Vespa’s with a group of friends.

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Images: wenn.com/Jimmy Kimmel Live!


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