Justin Bieber Bares His Butt: Inspires Hilarious Memes (Photos)


Justin Bieber wants you to see his booty

Justin Bieber thrilled his Beliebers when he shared a photo of his bare derriere on his Instagram account.

The cheeky photo of the 21-year-old singer showed him pointing to the island ahead, but we highly doubt that was what he really wanted everyone to see!

Justin is currently in Bora Bora and appears to be enjoying the relaxing vacation.

The Biebs’ photo caught the attention of fans and even a celebrity, who had fun getting creative with his risque pictures.

One fan posted a photo of Miley Cyrus taking a nibble of his butt.

Justin Bieber Miley Cyrus biting butt pic

The 22-year-old Wrecking Ball singer shared her own altered portrait, obviously inspired by Kim Kardashian’s huge booty.

Cyrus captioned the pic, “Bieber got back.”

Miley Cyrus gives Bieber's butt the Kim K treatment

One person super-imposed the Google logo around Justin’s nude backside.

Justin Bieber Google butt pic

And who wouldn’t enjoy SpongeBob SquarePants giving Justin’s bottom a smooch (and lick).

Spongebob Squarepants loves The Biebs' butt

One huge fan apparently feels Justin’s booty is a work of art, creating a meme of the photo hung in a gold frame in a museum.

Justin's butt belongs in museum?

Googly eyes were super-imposed onto the mountain in one image as they check out what fans can’t see in the front.

Justin Bieber mountain googly eyes

One fan has drawn a freaky looking stick woman with blonde hair around Justin’s topless torso.

Justin Bieber naked butt memes

One  hilarious meme shows rapper Nicki Minaj (known for her big badonkadonk) on top of the mountain.

Now that's a big booty!

Justin’s bare bottom became too much for one Twitter user who decided to cover it up with a ‘Parental Advisory Explicit Content’ sticker.

Justin Bieber's naked butt too much for on viewer

Justin has enjoyed a busy week in Bora Bora, but it wasn’t all fun and games.

His friend Joe Termini was swimming with The Biebs near a reef when a shark bit him, taking a sizeable lump out of his chest and missing ripping his nipple off by mere millimeters.

Justin shared a photo, captioning the scary photo, “Exactly why i hate sharks they told us reef sharks don’t bite @joetermini”.

Justin Bieber's friend attacked by shark

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Images: Instagram/Memes


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