Jenna Jameson Suing Ex Tito Ortiz Over California Mansion


Jenna Jameson files lawsuit

Former adult film superstar Jenna Jameson is suing her baby-daddy, MMA fighter Tito Ortiz, over the Southern California estate they shared before their split.

Jenna filed the lawsuit last week, after Tito failed to honor their agreement.

The 41-year-old former porn star claims that Ortiz had agreed to add her name to the title of the waterfront home in Huntington Beach.

But Tito is listed as the sole owner of the palatial four bedroom, 3.5-bath mansion with their twin boys, Journey and Jesse.

Jenna with sons Journey & Jesse

The lawsuit claims Jenna contributed to most of the down payment and allowed Ortiz’s name to be on the title with the understanding that she would have 50 per cent of the financial interests.

The court filings documents state that during their five years together that Jameson kept up the home, cared for their sons, and “acted as his intimate companion” with the expectation that she would have an equal share of the property.

Does anyone else find the wording of the legal papers odd? Of course she should be caring for their kids and “act as his intimate companion” when she was his girlfriend.

Jenna Jameson wants rights to home she helped purchase

Real estate site reports the 3,889-square-foot home on Baruna Lane comes with a library, wine cellar, formal dining room, gourmet kitchen, fire pit, sauna and a private dock.

The property’s value is listed at just under $2.09 million, down from $3.25million that Jameson and Ortiz paid seven years ago.

Ortiz and Jenna split in May 2013 and things got really messy.

Jameson accused Ortiz of leaking a home video that showed her taking what appeared to be prescription pills, drinking in front of her children from a glass bottle and smashing surveillance cameras.

Jenna insisted the liquid was actually mineral water.

Jenna Jameson & Lior Bitton

The former adult star will be converting to Judaism for her fiance, 39-year-old Lior Bitton.

Bitton is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur of Jewish heritage who works in the diamond business.

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