Ice-T & Wife Coco Austin Expecting First Child Together!


Ice-T & Coco Austin finally having a baby

Actor and rapper Ice-T and his curvy wife Coco Austin are having a baby!

The couple, who have been married for 15 years, have confirmed they are expecting their first child together.

Ice-T already has 2 children from a previous relationship, as well as a 20 year old grandson.

The couple left reality television in 2013, but are back with a talk show called “Ice & Coco”.

A source on the set of the new show has revealed that the curvy model Coco is pregnant.

After 15 years of marriage, Ice-T & Coco are having a babysino

Ice-T and Coco have discussed having children for years, which was a topic on their former reality show.

Anyone that caught their show, Ice Loves Coco, will remember their adorable bulldogs, Spartacus and Maximus, are their current babies.

Coco previously discussed having children, saying, “There’s a lot of peer pressure for me. It’s not just my family that’s giving it, it’s the world…When the time’s right, I will.”

Ice-T added, “At the end of the day, it’s Coco’s call. She puts in the order and I can do the deed.”

Ice-T's wife Coco is pregnant!

There is no information on just how far along Coco is in her pregnancy, but it’s likely she is several months along if they are opening up about expecting.

The couple tied the knot in 2001. Just last year, the couple revealed they were finally ready to start a family.

At the Joyful Revolution Gala in NYC on May 6, Coco, 36, revealed, “I always said when I reached 35, that was my goal.”

Ice-T, 57, jokingly added, “Whenever she gives me the green light, I can put twins in her. Bam. Through a brick wall, I can get it through.”

Coco replied, “I don’t want twins. Keep it simple”.

Ice-T and wife Coco

In August, the cute couple will begin airing their three-week test run of their show on FOX.

The former rapper said of the new show, “Three words to describe our show would be real, crazy and funky. This show reflects our life. It will be hip, pop culture, fashion, everything.”

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