Ice-T Shares Hilarious Naughty Versions Of Cartoon Characters He Overdubbed (VIDEO)


Ice-T does funny voice dubs of cartoon characters on Fallon show

Rapper and Law and Order: SVU actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, voicing popular children’s cartoons with a dirty twist.

Ice-T shared clips from his overdubs of Care Bears, Dora the Explorer, and The Smurfs. Check out the funny video!

Ice-T, who recently confirmed he is expecting his first child with wife Coco Austin, might need to clean up his act for his future child’s bedtime story.

Ice-T's wife Coco is pregnant!


The 57-year-old rapper had the audience cracking up with the inappropriate voice overs to children’s cartoons.

Fallon pretended to commend him on his legacy of cartoon voice work (which of course isn’t really true).

Ice-T does R-rated cartoon character overdubs

In one clip, Papa Smurf advises a fellow smurf to “man the f**k up before I smack yo ass”.

Ice-T as Care Bear video

The actor also did a funny bit on a Care Bear and a character from “Dora”, which was taping up an injured hand of a cat.

Ice-T as Dora the Explorer character video

Ice-T made fun of Jimmy Fallon, by saying in the cartoon that he thought Fallon was the only “pu**y with a broken hand”.

These two videos are obviously NSFW with offensive language:

The SVU star previously voiced some other hilarious versions of cartoons with the “Ice-T” touch in February 2015 on Fallon’s show.

Ice-T's bulldogs join him on The Tonight Show

Ice-T also brought his bulldogs along for the interview.

Ice T Brings His Bulldogs to The Tonight Show

Ice T’s new daytime talk show, Ice & Coco, premieres on Monday, Aug. 3 on Fox TV stations.

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