Former Model & Hart Of Dixie Star Jaime King Gives Birth To Baby Boy!


Jaime King gives birth to son

Jaime King and her husband Kyle Newman have welcomed their second child, another boy.

The 36-year-old former model took to Instagram on Monday to share a sweet family photo taken in her hospital room.

The Pearl Harbor actress is shown in a white robe, apparently while breastfeeding her newborn, as her husband and 20-month-old son James sat nearby.

Jaime King shares breastfeeding photo

King gave birth to the child on Thursday, July 16.

Jaime wrote, “We are SO happy to welcome to the world our new baby boy!”

It seems to be an early birth for the model-turned-actress as she was reportedly due in August. The name of the child has yet to be released.

Jaime stated that they had settled on part of the baby’s name, but were looking for something ‘classic and eclectic’ to complement the first name.

Jaime King and family photos

The actress said, “I know the first part. We just have to decide on the second part. Names are never easy, you don’t want something to be too Hollywood and out there.

“I want my child to feel strong in life and in business and what they do, but it’s still romantic at the same time … It’s not easy, but I like classic and eclectic mixed together so it’s a bit of both of my worlds at the same time.”

In March,  Jaime revealed that she had chosen friend Taylor Swift as a godmother.

Taylor Swift godmother to Jaime King's baby boy

King has previously opened up about her fertility struggles, but admitting all the body-shaming remarks were hurtful.

Jaime King baby bump pictures

She said, “People have made comments about how I’m too thin and need to eat a sandwich. I’ve seen it happen with other pregnant women in this business too – we’re either too thin or put on too much weight.

“But every woman’s body is different. All that matters is that you’re taking care of the nutrition for yourself and your child.”

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