Former ER Actress Alex Kingston Weds In Italy


Actress Alex Kingston ties the knot

Alex Kingston has tied the knot for the third time in Italy on Saturday.

The 52-year-old actress married television Jonathan Stamp at the All Saints Anglican Church in Rome.

Kingston, who is known for starring in Moll Flanders, ER, and Doctor Who, went with a nontraditional gown.

Alex donned a light sage-green dress, while her bridesmaids, including daughter Salome, 14, wore black.

The actress has been married twice before – to Ralph Fiennes from 1993 to 1997 and to German journalist Florian Haertel for 12 years before their split in 2010.

Alex and Jonathan started dating in 2010, shortly after her marriage to Haertel ended.

Alex Kingston weds television producer

Alex and Florian had daughter Salome after numerous IVF treatments and the star admitted she wanted more children, but Florian did not.

She previously stated, “If I had more kids I would be happy to be a full-time mum, but that’s not going to happen. My husband isn’t prepared to go down the IVF road again.”

Kingston also attempted to adopt twice previously, with both ending in heartbreak.

She explained, “People assume that celebrities can adopt babies as easily as Angelina Jolie. But they don’t hear about the ones who aren’t successful because we don’t like talking about it, it’s too painful.

”I would try again in a heartbeat, but my husband won’t. Maybe he’ll change his mind, but at the moment he can’t.”

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