Former Eagles Bassist Randy Meisner Threatens Murder-Suicide? Conservatorship In Place


Eagles co-founder Randy Meisner threatening murder-suicide?

Randy Meisner’s friend, James Newton, raised concerns about the bassist’s welfare in April 2015, when he filed papers for a conservatorship regarding both personal and financial matters.

Newton claims Meisner was being abused by his wife, Lana, and constantly kept in a drunken state.

Meisner is the former bassist and backing vocalist for the Eagles, best known for co-writing and performing their hit song “Take It To The Limit”.

Meisner dismissed the accusations by Newton, claiming he was just trying to “get the money”, but during a hearing in LA on Wednesday Randy’s former lawyer revealed his client has bipolar disorder and has “suicidal ideations”.

The attorney recalled an incident at a hospital in January, stating, “(Meisner) threatened to gun everyone down with an AK-47” (even though he was not in possession of a firearm at the time).

Martin admitted Meisner had also reportedly threatened to take his own life by overdosing on pills.

Randy Meisner of the Eagles under conservatorship

He alleged Randy’s wife, Lana, has been in denial about his deteriorating mental health and has failed to help him conquer addiction issues.

Randy Meisner has been placed under the 24-hour care of a temporary conservator following a contentious court hearing that included some disturbing allegations about the former Eagles bassist’s well-being and recent behavior.

Judge David Cunningham made the decision after reviewing evidence, saying, “If I’m going to err … it’s going to be on the side of protecting Mr. Meisner. If it’s overkill, it’s overkill.”

Things reportedly got weird in the courtroom, where Meisner’s wife Lane stormed out.

Eagles' Randy Meisner & wife Lana photos

Lana has previously complained about being spied on by people dressed in clown suits.

The two sides have agreed to attempt mediation talks prior to a follow-up hearing in September (15).

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