“Flashdance” Star Jennifer Beals In Hot Water For Leaving Dog In Hot Car (VIDEO)


Jennifer Beals blasted for putting dog in danger

A news reporter with Global BC, Catherine Urquhart, was walking down Marine drive and noticed a dog left along in a black SUV belonging to actress Jennifer Beals.

The window was partly rolled down, but the German Shephard-type dog was panting and appeared to be in distress.  Another witness called authorities.

The concerned citizen came across the scene and had reported the dog left in the car.

About five minutes later, a woman returned to the vehicle. The man approached her and said, “Hey, you shouldn’t be doing that.”
Jennifer Beals called out by concerned citizen

Urquhart recognized the woman as being actress Jennifer Beals, best known for her roles in the movie Flashdance and the TV series The L Word.

Jennifer Beals called out by concerned citizen

Beals’ strange excuse was, “In Dunbar, it’s OK.”

Marcie Moriarty, chief prevention and enforcement officer for the B.C. SPCA, said the incident serves as a reminder that dogs should not be left in cars in the summer.

She stated, “Famous people’s dogs get hot, too. This is again just that messaging that no matter who you are, where you are, people are being extra vigilant in watching out for dogs in hot cars.”

Jennifer Beals left her dog in hot car in Canada

The symptoms of heat stroke in dogs include rapid panting, an erratic pulse, salivation, weakness, convulsions or vomiting.

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Images: wenn.com/Global BC


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