“The Fighter” Actor Sean Malone In Critical Condition After


Actor Sean Malone Boston drowning

Sean Malone, who has appeared in the movies Gone, Baby, Gone and The Fighter, is in critical condition in a Boston hospital after nearly drowning on Monday.

The 54-year-old actor was pulled from the water by an off duty firefighter and three local teens being discovered floating face down in the water.

Malone was unconscious when rescuers reached him after he swam too far out.

Firefighter Chris Flaherty was working out with other firefighters on the beach when he noticed how far out Malone was swimming. He went out on a paddleboard towards him but couldn’t find him.

Flaherty flagged down three teen boys – Joey Binda and Elliott Chauvet, both 17, and John Feeney, 18 – who were in a speedboat and they searched and found Malone floating face-down in the water.

Teens that helped firefighter rescue Malone

The young men pulled him onto the boat and helped Flaherty perform CPR as they returned to shore.

Sean Malone rushed to Boston Hospital

Malone was transported to Boston Medical Center where he was listed as being in “critical” condition.

The actor’s family thanked the good Samaritans for their quick thinking, which may have saved the actor’s life.

Sean Malone rushed to Boston Hospital

Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald stated, “Sean’s family just wanted to pass on that they’re grateful for the work everyone has done so far to give Sean a chance, and they’re praying for the best.”

Malone played Skinny Ray Likanski in the 2007 film Gone, Baby, Gone.

Sean Malone as Skinny in Gone, Baby Gone

Malone also appeared as Wolfie in 2010’s The Fighter starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale

Sean Malone as Wolfie in The Fighter with Christian Bale

Malone, who most recently worked with John Travolta on the 2014 film, The Forger, is the brother of Deputy Fire Chief Scott Malone of the Boston Fire Department.

John Travolta & Sean Malone star in The Forger


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